LignOrganic’s mission and core values are aligned with the United Nations (UN’s) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which aim to “Achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.”

The call to global action by the UN requires action and collaboration from the society, business and government. As part of LignOrganic’s strategy key focal areas, namely Planet, People, Process, Product and Profit, our aim is to tackle the three pillars of sustainability:

Through our practices of ethical sourcing of raw material we aim to support long-term economic growth and a healthy profit margin without negatively impacting the environment and society.

Our goal is to meet human needs within ecological constraints and ensure citizens are empowered with relevant information regarding environmentally friendly alternatives and ingredients for incorporation into their everyday products. These alternatives are not only good for their health compared to conventional synthetic ingredients but are also more sustainable.

Creating sustainable value/supply chain processes is essential to what we do, from biomass sourcing to production and distribution of our products. Our process focuses on using green chemistry, zero emission and zero waste. Therefore, everything in our biorefinery is recovered and is used for producing a variety of sustainable solutions.

LignOrganic is closely aligned to the following UN SDGs:

Through our company vision and goals, we aim to increase South Africa’s capacity for manufacturing key valuable products that have significance for the global market, allowing us to be involved in the export industry and to significantly contribute to South Africa’s GDP.

In view of this we have innovated novel processes which contribute to the development of the science and technology industry. As our philosophy revolves around green manufacturing, this enables us to contribute to SDG 8 through our involvement in the circular bio-economy.

As part of our company goals and current activities, we are enriching our employees through our training and development programmes and contributing to the reduction of youth unemployment.


Our goal is to build an African bio-refinery concept capable of competing with global corporations, thus contributing to building industrialization capacity on the continent.

Through championing clean and eco-friendly technologies in manufacturing processes, we offer companies renewable and environmentally friendly biochemicals to use in their production processes, thus eliminating the need to use hazardous chemicals. By offering greener alternatives and promoting green manufacturing we aim to show industries the endless possibilities of a circular bio-economy/sustainable manufacturing.

LignOrganic is committed to ongoing research and development to upgrade not only our technological capabilities, but to contribute to achieving South Africa’s innovation goals to meeting the SDG 9 targets.


Through our zero-waste production process and the use of green chemistry, we eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals, therefore, ensuring our process and our products have no negative impact on the environment or the end user.

One of our fundamental goals is to educate our partners and everyday consumers on the meaning of true sustainability and how they can incorporate sustainability into their lifestyle.

In line with our vision, we aim to steer the transition from fossil fuel derived products to more sustainable alternatives for companies currently dependent on crude oil in their production processes. This will aid in reducing the adverse effects on the environment caused by the continued use of petroleum-based products and drive the production and consumption of more sustainable products.


In line with SDG 13, our business philosophy is focused on ‘circularity’. Through our R&D we have insured our manufacturing process yields zero CO2 emissions, zero waste and thus zero negative impact on the environment. Additionally, we aim to drive awareness and run educational programmes aimed at our partners on the importance of effective climate change management.


As our products are globally in demand, our business goal is to tap into the export market which will enable us to create global partners who are keen on being more sustainable in their processes. As a green-focused manufacturing company, exporting our product allows us to increase our capacity to drive the importance of sustainability and contribute to the various SDG targets.