We Strive To Be Leaders In Biomass

Established in 2017, LignOrganic is a South African-based biomanufacturing company. The company was conceived of partially in response to issues with alien invasive plants reported by Jozi City Parks and Zoo, without any proposed solutions. Coupled with this, was a drive to engage in the emerging bioeconomy in South Africa, and the need for the global economy to shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. The establishment of policies focusing on environmental sustainability, climate change and a reduction of dependence on fossil resources are indicators of the importance of creating eco-conscious sustainable biochemical entities.

Through our research and development (R&D) processes, we have innovated novel strategies to use renewable natural resources, breaking apart lignocellulosic biomass to produce green chemicals and materials for the development of a range of solutions applicable in a variety of industries. Our aim is to create sustainable (plant based/biomass) platform chemicals to be incorporated in industries such as the biopolymer, cosmetics, rubber, packaging, and fine chemicals industries, thus reducing or replacing current dependence on fossil fuels and the addition of harmful additives.
Reimagining Sustainability

Our driving force is to be a company that encapsulates ‘circularity’ in our research, development and production processes. Consequently, we promote green chemistry within the development of our products which are derived from waste biomass. Our aim is to fully exploit the possible uses of waste biomass as a viable replacement for fossil fuels-derived products, while retaining the integrity of the environment.

Spearhead the global transition from fossil fuels to more renewable plant-based solutions.

Encapsulate green chemistry within the development of innovative products that have zero negative environmental impact throughout their cradle to grave cycle

Integrity, Innovation, Passion and Preservation.

Value Statement
Our business model is premised on the preservation of the planet and its people through the innovation and provision of plant-based eco-friendly alternatives for a range of industries. Our ‘customer-centric’ approach to our product development, ensures that we play a pivotal role in the preservation of the planet, while tailoring products to our clients’ needs.

Key Product Line

Our innovative lignocellulose processing methodology allows us to recover multiple value-add products which are refining for use in a range of industries. Through our extensive R&D efforts we are in our final stages of the development of ‘soda lignin’ and a liquid soap. Currently, we are focused on further refining our biodegradable plastics and hemicellulose products.

Biorefinery and stages of development

Soda Lignin
Liquid soap