What is Hemicellulose?

Our process allows for significant extraction and recovery of hemicellulose which has extensive potential as a key source in high value-add product manufacturing, transforming how we see raw plant biomass.

The second most abundant renewable biopolymer, hemicellulose is a carbohydrate heteropolymer. These structurally diverse carbohydrate heteropolymers are a promising alternative for the replacement of dwindling fossil resources. Its inherent structural diversity enables the use of the biopolymer as a hydrogel, stabilizer and bio-binder in multiple industries. In addition, this also allows for its use as the key ingredient in the production of myriad chemicals.

The downstream compounds derived from hemicellulose degradation can be used as fuel additives and key components in the production of renewable plastics. Importantly, xylose (the main sugar derived from xylan) is driving hemicellulose utilization in the bio-based industry. Improvements in extraction/synthesis pathways, coupled with new technologies, will lead to extensive use of hemicellulose in the biofuel and biopolymer industries.

Hemicellulose Application/industries?

Value-added industrial applications of hemicellulose include the formulation of:

  • Hydrogels (food and pharmaceuticals);
  • PLA, PHA – drug carriers (pharmaceuticals);
  • Thermoplastics;
  • Coatings and additives in paper making (packaging industry);
  • Cosmetics industry applications and the replacement of petroleum with biofuels or a substitute for petroleum/starch-based polyols.
Our Focus

Currently, our hemicellulose division is still R&D phase. Following R&D completion, our hemicellulose will be applicable in multiple bio-based products, such as xylitol, glucose, hydrogels and bioplastics.