We offer consultation services and advice to clients on the most economical and environmentally friendly ways to incorporate our lignin into their product formulation and manufacturing processes.


Research and Development (R&D)

Our R&D pipeline focuses on creating value for our customers and society. We have a robust team of scientists and engineers constantly innovating processes to find solutions that work for our clients and their specific requirements. We are passionate about reimagining sustainability, contributing to the future of our planet and innovating eco-friendly solutions. To this end, our diverse team works hard to ensure that we build innovative processes and implement quality controls in every aspect of our production, continuously working on improving and streamlining what we do. This enables us to be more agile and responsive to our customers and to offer them the highest quality products at competitive prices.


Consultation Services

Our clients and consult on the best ways to incorporate lignin in product formulation/manufacturing processes in order to achieve a more environmentally sound end product. Our R&D team is able to analyze product formulation and see where they can replace the petroleum-based synthetics with our bio-based solutions. We provide a customization service through which we make our products fit for purpose for our clients’ specific and varied needs.

Our organizational culture is premised on the importance of preserving the environment, looking after our clients and society. As such, we co-create products with our clients, enabling them to produce sustainable and eco-friendly products using our plant-based alternatives.